Meal Preparation

Portion control, strength and durability are essential for consumers, especially for those who cook and store meal plans for dietary or fitness reasons.  CuBE containers provide our customers an affordable method to develop consumer meal plans with the strength and versatility needed for busy lifestyles.

Success Meals
Consumer Retail

CuBE’s strength, durability and reusability, along with competitive price points, make our product the perfect storage container for consumers.  Our containers stack much more effectively than comparable products on the market, thanks to their space efficient design.

Healthy Meal Plans

CuBE containers are a staple for portion controlled healthy meal plans.  Our versatile products provide diet and fitness conscious individuals with an affordable way to cook and store healthy meal plans.  Through customization, our clients can increase brand identification and residual advertising while providing the perfect meal prep solution for busy lifestyles.

Self-Serve Hot & Cold Bar

A growing number of grocery based food retailers have identified the need for reliable packaging to meet the needs of both hot and cold food service. Durable CuBE containers accommodate more product, translating into heavier portions and higher profits.